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Thanks for your reply.

But this situation irritates me to the core.

Are the people really happy with this situation, that I can't simply copy my data on a file storage device put it into another portable device and browse/open/read it?
Do they really need something like a 80 MB big book management tool like calibre or a 150MB tool like kobo-desktop only to copy them to their device?
And I thought it's about reading books not managing them.

I am 25 but maybe I am to old to understand this.

Yeah I have calibre installed and played a little bit around with it. And I also discovered the FanFiction plugin. But I prefer my small scripts, it's far easier for me to change them to use other sources. But I use calibres ebook converter to create epubs and thats nifty.

Do you know if it's possible to develop a file browser with plugins? Maybe I could pack those books into a tar/zip file and use the file browser to open them browse them and then extract them temporary so I can open them with the reader application.
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