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View Epub on Ikureader (DS)

I use my 3ds (nintendo) as an ereader at the moment. I have a flashcard on it which I installed an ereader program onto.

I placed The Haunting by Palahniuk in it (Ikureader is the program) as an epub, and it appears fine when I read it on my nintendo. However I want to put The Domino Men by Barnes on it, again in epub, but when I view the ebook with the program, all the punctuation is replaced. Apostrophes are &rsquo etc. I've looked up this problem and I've found something about a code page.

The only problem is I don't know how to integrate a code page into a homebrew application. I've opened the book (epub) with both calibre and a chrome plugin, and both have the correct punctuation. It just gets messed up somewhere on my nintendo. Any ideas?
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