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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
There aren't any book marks in that file apart from the last opened page.
I am thoroughly confused at this point.

First, I added a bookmark and could see it in the popup list of dropdowns.

Then I closed the file and reopened it. I could still see the item in the list but clicking it had no effect.

Then I sent the file to you and you tell me there are no bookmarks.

Then I opened the file again (on a Mac instead of a PC) and created the bookmark again. When I closed and reopened the file the bookmark appears in the popup and it works.

I then went looking for where the bookmark is stored - after all, you said you couldn't find one so you must have looked somewhere to ascertain that fact.

I found a reference on the web that suggests that bookmarks are stored in:

I've looked in the file with Sigil and I can't find a MET-INF folder or such a file anywhere else and searching the entire file for the word "bookmark" doesn't find anything.

Anything you could tell me that help me understand how this all works would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Dan Essin
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