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Originally Posted by thianliongpatpoh View Post
what little tweaking?
I was able to copy the .pdb into var/mobile/7BCB..../Documents/Bookshelf and into var/mobile/7BCB..../, but the still won't show/list the copied .pdb ebook.
is the tweaking involved terminaling and chmod-ing?
I was able to get non-DRM protected .pdb files to open within eReader by renaming them with a title of a book I already downloaded through the eReader service. The new book will still come up on the bookshelf with the lagit books name, but you are able to download the original book again.

All in all this method is rather painstaking and makes things confusing.

What I finally ended up doing is using textreader which is available through Installer or Cydia. You will have to jailbreak your phone, ( though if your SSHing files over you most likely have already done that.) but using that app is the only free, easy method I have found to read all my old books.

There is Bookshelf, but that service requires you to upload books and documents to a server as well as pay for the app. Bookshelf works rather well, but sadly, at this moment there is no app that is pretty and seemless as eReader.

I'll continue playing with different methods, and if I do make any head way I will post again.

PS: I am using an older 8gb phone with 2.1 software installed. Cydia is my main source of apps.
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