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Hey guys, just found this forum after looking for a solution to a problem I'm having with my new Kobo Mini.

I had a Sony Reader for years before this and have loads of books saved and yet to be read. When reading books I've put on it that were not downloaded from the Kobo site it sometimes messes with the settings on the document. For example, I recently started World War Z. From the very first page the margins were too far in, and would not adjust. After 50 or 60 pages they got even narrower, and then later it got down to one letter per line, making it totally unreadable.

The next book I tried to read it dropped all the commas and quotation marks, making it near impossible to read. Even in books that it doesn't affect this bad, every now and then it drops the last couple of words of a sentence or throws in a nonsense word in the middle of a paragraph. In another book it randomly put the text in italics or underlined it. These files are all fine when I open them on my laptop.

Anybody know why this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I'm on the verge of binning the Kobo and going and getting a new Sony.
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