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Free Today!

These Recipes based on the original McDonald's cooking methods in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

These are the recipes that made McDonald's famous!

All the classic Recipes from McMenu that people really Loved back in the day, including..

- Preparation Before You Start: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

- Classic McDonald's Hamburger

- Mcd's Cheeseburger

- Mcd's Bacon Cheeseburger

- Mcd's Quarter Pounder

- Homemade Big Mac

- The McD.L.T.

- Mcd's McRib Sandwich

- Mcd's Egg McMuffin

- Mcd's Chicken McGrill Sandwich

- Mcd's Filet-O-Fish

- Mcd's French Fries

- Mcd's Chicken McNuggets

- McDonald's Dipping Sauces

- McDonald's Hot Pies

- McDonald's Milkshakes

- McDonald's Chicken Fajitas

- McDonalds Hotcakes

- McDonalds Broccoli Cheese Soup

Do It Yourself From Comfort of Your Home! With original Mcd's recipes how can you go wrong?!
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