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Unhappy Calibre crashes Xserver on startup


I'm using Calibre with Kubuntu for some time now. But since some weeks Calibre crashes on startup and I'm back at the login screen. I think the Xserver is somehow affected. I do not know if calibre or Xserver is the reason. Other programs like firefox or okular etc. are working fine.
I started Calibre from the Konsole with script to get some clues but since I'm not a programmer it has not much meaning for me.
In the Codebox below you find the logged text.
Currently I'm using Kubuntu 12.10, I tried different desktops like Gnome and LXDE to no avail so it is probably on a deeper level.
If need to please point me to a useful crash report - I will happily post it here.

It would be great if somebody could provide some help or any ideas using VirtualBox for Calibre is annoying.


Script wurde gestartet: Sa 23 Feb 2013 17:12:56 CET
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/", line 129, in __init__
  File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/", line 143, in init_iaction
  File "site-packages/calibre/customize/", line 567, in load_actual_plugin
  File "importlib/", line 37, in import_module
  File "site-packages/calibre/customize/", line 150, in load_module
  File "calibre_plugins.quality_check.action", line 21, in <module>
  File "site-packages/calibre/customize/", line 150, in load_module
  File "calibre_plugins.quality_check.check_epub", line 19, in <module>
ImportError: No module named fix

macmenuhack file_path:/home/hammerwell/.config/calibre/plugins/fanfictiondownloader_macmenuhack.txt
calibre-gui: Fatal IO error: client killed

Script beendet: Sa 23 Feb 2013 17:13:01 CET
Also a part of Xorg.log.old that may hold some clues:

[  1049.759] (II) XKB: reuse xkmfile /var/lib/xkb/server-159587DAA527DE775D952329043688BF8A2D917D.xkm
[  1141.121] (EE) 
[  1141.121] (EE) Backtrace:
[  1141.121] (EE) 0: /usr/bin/X (xorg_backtrace+0x36) [0x7fbd54ff4b76]
[  1141.121] (EE) 1: /usr/bin/X (0x7fbd54e4c000+0x1ac9a9) [0x7fbd54ff89a9]
[  1141.121] (EE) 2: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x7fbd54172000+0xfcb0) [0x7fbd54181cb0]
[  1141.121] (EE) 3: /usr/bin/X (doListFontsWithInfo+0x160) [0x7fbd54ea2470]
[  1141.121] (EE) 4: /usr/bin/X (ProcessWorkQueue+0x21) [0x7fbd54ea6131]
[  1141.121] (EE) 5: /usr/bin/X (WaitForSomething+0x62) [0x7fbd54ff1e72]
[  1141.121] (EE) 6: /usr/bin/X (0x7fbd54e4c000+0x557e1) [0x7fbd54ea17e1]
[  1141.121] (EE) 7: /usr/bin/X (0x7fbd54e4c000+0x4456a) [0x7fbd54e9056a]
[  1141.121] (EE) 8: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (__libc_start_main+0xed) [0x7fbd52df776d]
[  1141.121] (EE) 9: /usr/bin/X (0x7fbd54e4c000+0x448ad) [0x7fbd54e908ad]
[  1141.121] (EE) 
[  1141.121] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x7fe5f21706e0
[  1141.121] 
Fatal server error:
[  1141.121] Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting
[  1141.121] 
[  1141.121] (EE)
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