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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
Can Kindle Previewer 2.8 read the K7 portion of a mobi that was built by Previewer/Kindlegen 2.7 (and split by kindleunpack)?

If yes: I'd suspect a subtle change to the way KF8/K7 combo files are being built has made it necessary to update/upgrade KindleUnpack's splitter feature.

If no: I'd suspect a Kindle Previewer bug.
The same problem happens to files produced by KindleGen 2.3 and 2.7

Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
Or, if you really think about it... why would Amazon technically even need to include the ability for Kindle Previewer to read stand-alone K7 mobi files at all any more? It (and kindlegen) only produce combo files now, so why would previewing a K7-only mobi file be supported?
I suppose for backward compatibility with older Kindle books (produced by MobiPocket Creator and KindleGen 1). Those Mobi7 files open without problems in Kindle Previewer 2.8.
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