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Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
Why not just run the k7 OPF through KG? Why mess with it? Drop the OPF on to KP or KG, get a spanking new master mobi. Not sure why you want a K7 prc?
To strip embedded fonts from a Kindle book built by uploading a web page, filtered (from Word) to KDP. This is not for me, this is for a Kindle formatting tutorial for non-techies. I can build a Mobi7 file using KindleGen 1.x

Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
OR, I suppose, if you really want a k7, could you just drop the whole k7 portion into an old "My Publications" folder from MBPC, and build it from there?
MPC has many bugs, murders picture quality, and doesn't support some special symbols. KindleGen 1.x is better.
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