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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
So please do remember all my warnings about this in the first post of this thread, and don't abuse this plugin, it is being monitored. When I know from their tech guys exactly which feature is causing this issue, either i will have to make that feature get throttled in some way to make it run slower or less likely perhaps they will add some new api calls to make sure there is less involved with it. Until this all gets resolved I won't be making any other changes to this plugin to make sure to not worsen the issue.
Just trying to figure out how I/we can help keep this plug-in from being blocked:

I see in your initial post that Goodreads monitors/limits the number of API calls per minute. I know that you have built in a 50 Book selection limit to control the number of API calls within a Sync block. I always do my posts manually from within Calibre, selecting 50 book blocks at a time, and with the time to post a block and resolve books that could not be automatically matched/linked I don't believe that I have ever been able to Sync more than 50 books within a minute.

Perhaps there is some other limit that may be causing you to get e-mails from Goodreads and IPs blocked. They may have a daily limit on the number of API calls per IP. If this is the case, would you have an idea of what the limit may be (probably not a hard fast number)? I have seen a lot of posting from users with very large collections (50,000+), so we probably need to limit our daily posts.

Also, when kiwidude created this plug-in he had to register with Goodreads to receive a Developer Key, to allow for access to all API calls. This means that to Goodreads, we are all one API user. So the Goodreads limits apply to all of us as a group (except any per IP limits). So if 100 of us are Syncing 50 books at the same time, that is 50,000+ API calls to Goodreads.

Once again, thank you kiwidude for this and all the other great plug

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