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My PW shoes wrong cover


After installing screensavers hack my Kindle PW shows wrong cover. It is not the book I read before, it shows a random cover.

When I look in the filesystem I find the wrong screensaver-picture in the cover_cache directory (cover_B0048H4B7I.png) and in the screensavers directory (bg_medium_ss00.png).

Deleting these files and restarting the kindle PW does not help, after a couple of seconds the wrong files are back again and of course shown by the screensaver :-(. Deleting the book the wrong cover is taken from changes the screensavers picture to another wrong one.

Does anyone have an idea where I can have look to analyse this problem?

Details for the PW: FW: 5.3.1, linkss-0.7N, phyton 0.3.N, jailbreak and kindlet-jailbreak.

The only other custom thing is the CollectionsManager, nothing else special.

Thanks in advance,

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