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Originally Posted by Dr. Drib View Post
An apology to silkpag:

I've added a link and slightly reworded the opening for any Creative Commons and public domain books that come from Munseys. (See the revised wording and link for this title.) This has now been clarified. Additionaly, the link - always available at the end of a book - has now been added to the message area one reads about before deciding to download any specific title.

I want to thank you for bringing these issues to my attention.

Your work for Munseys is gratefully appreciated by me.

Just 400 titles to go.

And again, despite the crassness, I don't care. (No, really, I don't care. I actually wrote a pulp, about not caring, just so I could be like one of those late-70s Lesbian publishers, who went all metallica on potential book buyers. Me, I just turned the cover on Lost by the River and hid it.)

My primary incentive has always been a measure of respect, which has been lacking, to the point of anger and redemption.

But whatever. is almost there (and the free ebooks sites have been loss leaders since '04.)
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