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Question Could you discuss Calibre in Dropbox a bit more?

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
mollyf, you can just put your Calibre folder inside Dropbox or SugarSync on your main computer, and then all of your Calibre books will automatically be always available on all your phones and tablets as well, and no direct transfer between your computer and the iPad will ever be necessary. Then, when you access your Calibre books from the Dropbox app or SugarSync app on your iPad, you can choose whatever app you wish to read the book in. (I recommend Marvin.)

Letting Dropbox or SugarSync take care of Calibre is really the fastest way. You set it up once, and you can then forget all transfer worries once and for all.
I've read the instructions as to how to put my Calibre library into Dropbox, but I have a question that I haven't found answered here. Dropbox has a limit as to what you can get free and the Calibre library has many subfolders and books. Don't you run out of space and have to purchase more? That's my biggest concern since I want to be prepared. I've read over many of the questions and answers here on the forum and haven't seen that actually mentioned. Your comments would be appreciated.
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