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Originally Posted by Mhaly View Post
Sure, my FW has a nice Firefly picture as shutdown picture, is what I see when the device is turned off. My question is more about the OTFM than anything, you think it's safe to use it for this kind of stuff? Again, I've read somewhere that OTFM corrupts the data sometimes. I don't know what would happen if it corrupts the shutdown.png, I guess probably nothing too bad but I dont want to risk corrupting the firmware just for a pic.

PS: Forgive my english, I 'ham' no native.
I quote myself. I've installed OTFM and I've noticed it already has the option to set a custom boot splash picture under "Device", and that's nice. The disturbing thing is that when you click that option and it asks for the new image, the window title reads "Select image for splash (dangerous!)". I wonder why this warning is placed there and what's the dangerous thing exactly.

By the way, I thought that after installing OTFM I could manage the hidden partition from my PC, this can't be done by any means, right?

Originally Posted by Mhaly View Post
I'd like to edit shutdown.png and I've read around here that you can do this editing the zip update. I wonder if it is safe to "re-update" the firmware again to the same version just to edit this stuff.
I'd still like to know the answer to this.

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