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Sigil 7.0 and the fix for issue 1961


The fix in 7.0 for issue 1961 has removed one of my favorite tricks in regex.

Suppose your xhtml had <h1>CHAPTER ONE</h1> but you wanted
<h4 title="Chapter 1">1</h4>.

You could always:
1. just select the Chapter files
2. replace <body> with <body>\n<h4 title="Chapter "></h4>
3. generate the TOC to get the sigil_toc_id_#
4 replace <h4 id="sigil_toc_id_([0-9]+)" title="Chapter "></h4> with
<h4 id="sigil_toc_id_\1" title="Chapter \1">\1</h4>

Simple and quick with 2 passes.

But now that sequence numbered ids are no longer generated if they point to
file names, how do I convert my chapters so easily?


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