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[GUI Plugin] Import Mendeley Documents

This plugin imports Mendeley Documents into Calibre.

The plugin will import all the documents that are saved in the "Calibre" folder in your Mendeley library. The plugin uses Mendeley OAPI to connect to your account and retrieve the documents.

1.- Download the last Mendeley-$ file
2.- In Calibre, press the "Preferences" button in the toolbar
3.- Press Plugin-ins
4.- Press "Load plug-in from file"
5.- Open the file that you downloaded in the step 1.-
6.- Restart Calibre
7.- The plugin is installed. You will have a new button in the toolbar that says "Import from Mendeley"

1.- In Mendeley Desktop: create a folder called "Calibre"
2.- Add documents to your folder. In Mendeley, documents can exist in more than one folder (it's like GMail folders). (Mendeley tip: if you select a document you can see a subtle highlight in the folders list that indicates in which folders this document has been added)
3.- Synchronise Mendeley Desktop (button "Sync" in the toolbar. Mendeley Desktop synchronises automatically on each startup)
4.- In Calibre, press the "Import from Mendeley" button in the toolbar
5.- [the first time you will need to authenticate this application against the OAPI. You only need this once]
6.- Wait that the plugin fetches the documents
7.- The new documents will be tagged as "Mendeley" (use the Calibre left hand side pane to show only the Mendeley tagged documents).

* If you delete one document from the Calibre folder in Mendeley: this document will not be deleted from Calibre
* More flexibility to indicate which documents should be added?
* Better error handling (when there isn't any connection, Mendeley OAPI is down, etc.).

If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, etc. please leave a comment or email me.

CHANGELOG (0.0.4, 29th March 2012):
-Mendeley "calibre" folder can be called "Calibre" (case insensitive
-If no documents are found or no folder is found: shows an error message
-Avoids an error if some document doesn't contain any attachment
(previously it was stop syncing)
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