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Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
I'm very much hoping that was intended either humour or irony.

Be fair: the good doctor always mentions his sources, so that Munsey's gets due credit. And a very good site it is too.
Actually, I'd file that under "observations." And the good doctor has done everything he can not to comply with the pretty basic terms of the Creative Commons License (i.e., linking directly to the source, so, if nothing else, people can catch revised editions.)

I mean, it's not that big of a deal. For pulps, I spent the first six months of this year rescanning classics, getting professional covers, printing things in two places, taking the new editions to specialty stores.... lot of time, some money involved. I also threw 50 smutty books together last June to meet a deadline. As a result, Black Mask is now my fifth imprint, behind Silk, The Green Ones, The Pink Ones and the Grey Ones.... and it might be sixth soon (doing something with Munsey's of late).

He's just one more disincentive.
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