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setcpu widget

Where does someone find a "setcpu widget"?


Originally Posted by helf View Post
So, now that all of our edge's are several years old, how is everyone's batteries holding out?

I have heavily used my PE ever since had their initial sale. I ordered mine and got it less than a week later and never looked back.

A few nights ago, I noticed my PE was getting low on battery. I had been using my PE for two days proof reading a book and annotating problems. I had been on and off wifi at home and at work and even spent probably 15 minutes connected to my home box over RDP checking on something. I had read several comics in cbr format using PerfectViewer on the android side, downloaded stuff over wifi using dropbox, as well as surfed some with Dolphin. My PE wasn't, at the time, running the golden ermine rc3 rom yet (I reflashed it two nights ago), and I had a lot of background services running, such as gtalk, FB chat, dropsync, writepad, etc. So it was operating in less than perfect conditions.

*edit* I forgot to add that whenever I read, I click on my setcpu widget and let the edge underclock to 150mhz. This appears to actually help a *lot*, but anytime I'm doing anything but reading, I have to let it run full speed. If I'm doing a lot of annotating, I let it run at fullspeed, as well, as it seems the cpu being run at 150mhz does impact how well the digitizer responds somewhat.

This was my on battery time :

So, how is your EE or PE holding up?
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