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Does anyone else have this problem? I routinely put my M92 into standby mode (by pressing the power button), rarely ever doing a full shutdown, and it seems to wake up on its own, eventually time out, and go back into standby. The only reason I can usually tell is because the standby image will sometimes be different from how I left the device. I did actually once manage to catch the device turning itself back on (without any input from me, which is the bug).

Unfortunately I can't seem to consistently recreate this bug, but the two applications I use quite frequently are the built-in scribble app and the new PDF reader (updated to the latest firmware from January 2nd). I believe I've run into this problem both with and without closing these applications before going into standby mode.

Furthermore, I have OTFM (third-party file manager) installed, and have used it to set the suspend time to 20 minutes and to disable the shutdown time. I'm suspicious that this app may be the cause of the problem, but the bug doesn't go away if I go to the normal M92 power settings and select one of the predefined options.
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