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After a few more days of testing, it seems like the main problem is with the German-English dictionary. The last few books I've read have been in German. If I try looking up words in the same German epub files with a French-English dictionary, then it (obviously) isn't able to translate them, but the dictionary seems to work and not freeze up like the German one does.

Has anyone else had problems with the German dictionary? It feels unlikely to me that reloading the firmware would fix it, as the problem was there both with the original firmware and the latest one, which I installed without any obvious problems.

Is the T1 a "straight" purchase - ie from a trustworthy/reliable retail source?
Yes, I bought it new from Pixmania, IIRC.

I have to say I've had every Sony from the x50's on, all used heavily, carted around extensively, had many a bang/knock, and never had any problems that weren't down to me, or content ....
I've never damaged mine in any way.
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