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"connect" 650 to wifi device?

The idea is to leave the laptop at home as often as possible. The 650 is not wifi enabled, and I often need it to download (mainly) PDF articles.

Can you plz advise on: any way to travel light on a combination of (for instance): the 650 and some wifi-enabled smartphone (I'm out of my depth here)?

Right now, I can think of two things:
a) I should be able to connect the 650 to the smartphone (or whatever) and see it on the screen of the latter as a hard-disk (mission impossible, probably);
b) if the smartphone (or whatever) were compatible with either a SDHC or MemoryStick Pro-HG-Duo card, I could download what I need on the smartphone's card, remove it, and use it on the 650.

I know I'm not asking for much, but it'd be really great if the smartphone's OS were compatible with Calibre and I could use Calibre to convert Kindle books I get on Amazon to read them on the 650...

Any idea/help/suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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