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Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles

Hi everyone,

I just posted my first book of an ongoing supernatural detective series on Amazon Kindle. You'll find the link at

Here's the description:

Sarah Milton, a criminal profiler with the LAPD Violent Crimes Unit, is on the hunt for the city’s most notorious serial killer, an enigmatic figure known only as “Raithe.” Thwarted at every turn by a seemingly random string of murders, the detective finds inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources.

After a fatal shooting unexpectedly reunites her with Anna Nigma, her precocious, thirteen year-old “imaginary friend” from childhood, Sarah’s investigation leads to a spectral world governed by ancient magic, and rekindles powers within her to commune with the dead, threatening more than just her livelihood and sanity.

Together, the reunited friends take their first step on their paranormal adventures. Their journey starts here: with the ghostly origins behind the latest slayings inflicted upon the city of angels.

They must follow the path through the graveyard of Sarah’s past, culminating in a struggle against a dark force with the power over life and death itself. Is the legend they will ultimately write together destined to be their final tale?

I'm releasing the book with a simultaneous push on Facebook ( I invite you all to stop by to try out the "interactive preview", a text-based adventure that pits you in the role of the protagonist for the opening chapters of the novel. As LAPD homicide detective Sarah Milton, it's your job to search for clues on the scene of the latest of Raithe's murders. I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to leave Likes and reviews as well. If I can drum up enough interest in this, the first novel of an ongoing series, I'll be sure to let you all know when I'm offering free promotional weekends.

J.B. Cameron
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