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[Solved] Glo page turn problems

***Solved, see post #14 below***


Just posting here my disappointment to discover that the page turn bugs from my old Kobo Touch are still there on my new Glo.

The problem is - when the device is freshly powered up, the touch screen works fine almost every time, but after 3 hours of reading, it becomes totally unreliable. It can take up to 5-7 presses for the device to change page, and an average of 3 presses. Sometimes you press three times, the device will do nothing for 10 seconds, then suddenly jump forward 1-3 pages. I've even pressed 5 times to go forward a page, had no reaction from the device, and 10 seconds later then it's suddenly jumped backwards 2 pages. It spoils the flow of your book.

This is with a side-loaded epub btw. My Touch does exactly the same thing. Both have 2.3.1 which is the latest firmware in my region (UK). Neither have micro-SD cards installed.

Just really disappointed with Kobo that they put out another device with the same problem. Otherwise they're really nice devices, and the light on the Glo is awesome, but I'm not going to keep buying Kobos if they're all going to be like this.

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