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Catalan translation


I've finished the catalan translation of Sigil. Well, there are the famous 4 obsolete strings related to numerusform tags witch remain unstranslated unless a plain text editor is used for do a tricky translation. I leave them untouched; 99% is enought for me.

However, I have two more questions: the language code and the dictionaries:

I think that «ca_ES» isn't the right code for catalan. (Well, the most speakers of catalan are in Spain, but there are also speakers in Andorra and a few ones in France and Italy.) I think the right code is «ca» (only two letters) indicating catalan on any country. When I change the name of file "sigil_ca_ES.ts" to "sigil_ca.ts", Sigil recognises correctly the code as catalan language. Maybe this only happens on GNU/Linux, I don't know what happens on Mac and on Win...

About de dictionaries, the files "ca.aff", "ca.dic" and "hyph_ca.dic" are under the GPL license and are accessible from a few different sites (LibreOffice, SoftCatala, Hunspell witch redirects to Apache OpenOffice...) and, of course, I have a copy in my computer. Where must I send the complete links or the zipped files in order to include the catalan dictionary with the Sigil releases? Do we need something more like info about licenses and authors?

Thank you in advance.

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