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Getting around the Dropbox 1000 limit with Calibre2OPDS

Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
Earlier in this thread I pointed out that I was having a problem due to the limitation of 1000 books seen by Marvin in DropBox due to the limitation of the DropBox API. Dragging and dropping or using the web browser to get the books into Marvin seemed infeasible because a calibre library in DropBox has each author in a separate folder and each book in a subfolder.
I have no problem with this now Marvin supports OPDS catalogs.

I have nearly 5000 books in my Calibre library which I store in Dropbox. I have created a catalog with Calibre2OPDS which is also stored in Dropbox. I have put this catalog into the list of OPDS catalogs in my Marvin app and I now have access to all of my books (at least up to the last update of my catalog) wherever I have wifi access. I update my catalog every couple of weeks, but could do it more regularly. I always can resort to the Dropbox app for anything I know I downloaded since the last catalog update.

Calibre2OPDS is much more helpful in finding books than the Dropbox app itself as books can be found under Authors, Tags, Series, Recent additions, Rating, All books (I don't use this, but is a list of titles). Each of these is sub-divide alphabetically or by date as appropriate. Brilliant - not only can I find a specific book I am looking for, but I can also browse my library for a book to suit my fancy at that particular time!

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