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Big Mac vs The Warrior

The Big Mac sells at about $4.33 in the US, has 550 calories, and is frequently used by economists as an index for measuring purchasing parity around the world.

We all know the problems with the Big Mac.

550 calories. That is one problem.

The other is that it is not really re-usable. We all know where it goes the next day. Hell, sometimes the same day!

The Warrior on the other hand is just $2.99. Is repeatedly consumable. Adds zero calories on consumption. Lives long in your imagination.

Why don’t you toddle off to, or or and check it out?

It IS the healthier option.

The Warrior:

Zeb Carter is almost your average Private Military Contractor.

When working for a WDE (We Don't Exist) Agency, Zeb witnesses a gruesome crime in the Congo and tracks the perpetrators down to New York. Only to discover that not only are they protected by the FBI, but also are closely connected to a very high profile politician.

Zeb can walk away from his hunt, or pursue with it and put those close to him in the sights of the killers.

A thriller that spans Congo and New York, The Warrior is dotted with gritty action, a central character that fuels imagination, and is also about the brotherhood of warriors.

Gripping Read. The plot is cleverly developed and intelligently thought-through, the interconnections of the various parties involved in the hunt for Holt are excellently laid out. The descriptions of the developing complications and conflicts that arise for some of the players in this game are one of the highlights of this reading experience and a welcome relieve from often too simply laid out crime fiction. Patterson is a distinguished, clever and skilled story teller.

Awesome Thriller.I'm not much on reading thriller books but Patterson drew me in. It is well thought out, constructed, and keeps you intrigued to know what will happen.

Fast paced/Cool lead. I don't normally read thrillers, but I was gifted a copy of The Warrior by Ty Patterson and I like to try new things, so I went for it. Glad I did.

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