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New Glo owner and haven't had the time to read 30 pages in this thread. Here are my "I've owned this for 4 hours" feature requests.

1. Why does it take so long to process side loaded content? On my Nook Touch, I think it takes 15mins to load all my books. Took over 80mins on the Glo. This was using the freshly formatted 16gb microsd card from the Nook. Could well be an issue with Calibre (??). Then hung 3-4 times while processing after that. Out of the 4 hours of ownership, I've only read 10 pages because of how long it took until I was able to open a book.

2. And why can't we have the option to remove the footer? Or to make it much smaller. Last time I checked, the packaging mentions that it's a 6" reader. We're losing quite a bit of real estate! Add it in as an advanced option or something, let us make the decision.
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