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Best PDF E-reader Under $200

Yes I know there are many threads about these. I'm sorry, I've been reading through many of them but have yet to find useful recent information. Many of the most useful threads are still referencing products such as the Kindle DX which is no longer available.

I would like an e-reader that can read scanned PDF documents efficiently. That is PDFs in which each page is a scanned image not a searchable text. These are mostly scanned books, journals, or historical documents for class, they rarely feature anything more complicated than text so I'm not worried about how to handle images etc. I have a Kindle 4 which doesn't really work because the screen is small + the zoom options are too limited + physical buttons with no touch screen really doesn't work.

Annotations etc would be nice. My kindle has this but it is too clunky to be of any use. I never make annotations more complex than just underlines though. If I'm keeping track of stuff I will just use a piece of paper with page number notes which reminds me.

One of my major complaints for my kindle is the complete lack of page numbers. It makes it completely useless for literary analysis because I can't cite anything, and it isn't very easy to navigate. I have often wished that the % progress bar was a slider (and that page numbers were included). Huge bonus for anything that has this.

I am fully aware that a tablet computer will work. I don't want one.

Finally I don't really want to spend more than about $200. Obviously less is better.

Maybe no such product exists. Which would be too bad. But I thought it would be worth a try.

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