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Screensavers not working

Hi everyone,

I got my PW a few months ago and was rocking the firmware it came with (5.2.0 I think) for a while and after then latest patch came out I got my screensavers working again. Now today I added a few more, same way as always, now up to 32 images, all png, all 758x1024. Now the screensavers hack won't work properly.

And its odd, because it will display the images for 00-03, but after 04 it will just dim the light and the screen will refresh. Now it doesn't matter what order I have the screensavers in the kindle as I have randomise on and so its a different image that it dies on, but always 04. And I always restarted after putting in new images.

So I then tried to put less in, same effect. Tried to only put images that have been working for weeks. No avail there, uninstalled and reinstalled the hack after cleaning out the folder, I cycled the standard screensaver that came with it that was fine. Loaded up some screensavers I am confident in and have used for a few months, now those won't work either.

Any ideas guys?

(I am away for the weekend, so won't be replying till Sunday sorry but it would be awesome to come back to a fix)
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