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My battery testing...

I was in a bit of giving up with my Touch, after two complete charges and very disappointing battery results, but I'm not sure, but it could be related to some sideloaded ebooks I have been reading lately.

My battery tests.
- Feb 8th morning. After more than 5 hours of wall charge, battery was dead on 00:30am 11th Feb.
- Feb 11th - A new wall charge, this time during all night. At 01:00am 14th battery was dead.
- Feb 14th - Another allnight wall charge. But before falling sleep I was reading another book. Guess what?? Now it's Feb 15th 12:44pp and battery is still at 100%

What is happening here?? I'm not really sure, but as I said before, I'm thinking about the issues being caused by some sideloaded ebooks.

I'm going to spend the weekend observing this issues, and maybe on Monday I will decide wether to ask a replacement or not.

Any advice to reformatting ebooks in Calibre in a more efficient way for the Kobo Touch?
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