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Originally Posted by alucarda View Post
What is the difference between 6 inch Onyx and and 6 inch kindle when it comes to pdf annotation? Seems to me not a big one.
Its a huge one!
I annotate a pdf on Kindle and can export it with a lot of other notes of a other papers in a txt file.
There are some tools to get this file structured but there is no way to have the highlights and notes in the actual pdf file again on your computer.
That made the function useless for me. I would have to search the pages again to read the context of my notes.
And: The cool function to sync annotation over wifi with your kindle-account does work only for kindle-ebooks, not for your own stuff and not for pdfs. Fail! This "cool features only for amazon products" was the main reason for me not to use kindle any longer. Onyx is very open, scriptable. And if there comes in two years a cool new ebook file format then some geek will code an new plugin for it, you can be sure.

In Onyx pdf annotation its much better: Every annotation, every highlight and every scribble is optional saved directly in a copy of the pdf file. It looks on the computer same as on the reader. Perfect! And it supports the extra txt file mode also.
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