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Originally Posted by AnemicOak View Post
That's true, there's the Onyx Boox i62HD Firefly (Angel Glow) and the Cybook Odyssey HD Frontlight.
I've pretty much settled that I would prefer/go for the i62HD Firefly, but now travel plans makes the Kindle Paperwhite/Kobo Glo available to me for less than half the price of the Onyx device after shipping, tax and customs fee, so even when superior features (audio, TTS, better HW specs) and opensource (customizability) is very enticing, I'm not sure I can be that idealistic ...

As for features that seems better with the Kindle: Syncing of notes/highlights and bookmarks -- at least for the content bought through Amazon. (It is also synced for "personal content", but not easily available from a Mac/PC, just directly on the mobile/kindle devices.)
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