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Originally Posted by meme View Post
The file iTunesMetadata.plist may be in the EPUB - but I don't think Sigil will display it. It doesn't 'see' it since it's not supposed to be there.

You can look for it by unzipping the epub (an epub is just a zip file) using your unzip or unarchiving software. You may need to rename it to to be able to unzip it.

You can then remove the file and zip it back up. This is what the modify epub plugin can do.

I would be interested to know if anyone using the 0.6.902 beta can test out an epub with the .plist file to confirm. In a brief test of creating an epub with a fake iTunesMetadata.plist in the top level directory, when I open it, the file is not visible in the folders. And after I save the epub, and later unzip it, the .plist file is gone. I don't know if 0.6.2 behaved the same way.
Thank you, meme. I renamed the file to a zip file and removed all the files. I found:

META-INF which has the file "container.xml"
OEBS which has the Images folder (only one .png in there) and the Text folder which contains all of the .html files and then there is "content.opf" and "toc.ncx".

No mysterious extra files lurking in there.

Thank you for your help, though!

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