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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
You opened that file with itunes before you shipped it off
I tunes inserts the file.
Open the book with Sigil, it will be there somewhere in the list
Save: Don't use Itunes before you send
(Stupid Smashwords. They know what the file is and could strip it out.)
Thankyou very much for this information. I have looked through every inch of code in Sigil and cannot find the .plist file.

Can you give me a hint as to what it might look like... or where it might be hiding?

Here is my metadata...

<metadata xmlns:dc="" xmlnspf="">
<dc:identifier id="BookId" opf:scheme="UUID">urn:uuid:fefb3e7a-13e0-4630-96da-0b119a1a12f9</dc:identifier>
<dc:title>Mildred Is Serving Her Golden Years ... One Sentence At A Time</dc:title>
<dc:creator opf:role="aut">Helen Madill</dc:creator>
<dc:date opf:event="modification">2013-02-13</dc:date>
<meta content="0.6.2" name="Sigil version"/>
<meta content="next.cover.png" name="cover"/>

Is it in there? I am not using styles... that folder is empty.

Wow... one more reason to despise iTunes!

Thanks again for your help, I surely appreciate it!

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