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Okay... maybe this is not the proper thread... but after trying to upload my .ePub Sigil file to Smashwords I get this error message:

File 'iTunesMetadata.plist' in EPUB not listed in manifest!

And I have no idea what an ITunesMetadata.plish file might be.

You know... one would think it would be a simple matter when one is giving their book away for free. But no. Can't use iTunes Producer unless you have a Mac. And yet they (Apple) have no problems with one purchasing their wares via a PC.

Not gonna rant.... but whoaaaa.... !

If anyone has successfully uploaded an ePub file to Smashwords (it's in Beta, yes, but it should be possible), I'd surely appreciate knowing how you jumped through the hoops to do so.

I'm not usually this much trouble... but I'm at my wits end.

Thanks ever so much.

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