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hi, BookCat, thank you so much for replying. That link did work and does recognize my reader and I can load my books onto the 505 with no problem. I never thought of looking for software which was younger than mine but not recent. thanks.
My sister will be disappointed!! Her computer is running Vista and I figured it would probably work on that. I was going to give my reader to her...oh, well. She'll just have to buy her own!!
Only one problem left.... I've been using a 500 which really IS getting past its use-by date (it has lines on the screen etc) and just waiting for it die completely before switching to the 505. Earlier I said that I don't tend to buy new books anyway and a friend gave me a heap of books. To get them onto the 500, I had to copy them into a Word Document and make sure there was no HTML script (photos, fancy writing etc) otherwise the 500 would freeze. That's OK. I like playing around and I got the routine problems. No problem with software except I didn't know how to enter the authors biggie.
This software takes it ok but it doesn't give its name in the library...just "new book". Now that is going to be problem.
I'm not sure how to go it and I've got a lot of books that will need adjusting or something.
What do you think?
thanks again.

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