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Folks. //casually salutes

Hi. How are you? I'm Tsu, from Victoria, Australia. I'm studying a Bachelor of Technology with RMIT, majoring in computing studies / IT and minoring in Chinese (Mandarin). I'd like to work for IBM, Google or Cisco once I've graduated - and hopefully I'll be doing so with honours. My savings budget, which is supposed to be getting put towards a motorbike, is perpetually whirling down the book-drain. I have a pet fish, and when I move house (in May, if everything rolls my way), I'll be getting a cat.

As far as mobile reading is concerned, I started in 2010 with a Kindle Keyboard. From there I caught gadget fever, also trying the Kindle Touch, Kindle 4 (in both silver and black!), Kobo Touch, iPad 2, iPad Mini and Kobo Mini. I've currently settled on the Sony Reader PRS-T2, which ticks almost all of the boxes, and also have an iPad 4 for university (ah, tax-deductible gadgets, how I adore thee). I'm having to be quite stern with myself about not buying a Kindle Paperwhite... My lighted cover works just fine, she says!

I tried e-reading on my old HTC HD7, too, but I was eternally grateful when it broke, giving me a justifiable reason to switch to an iPhone 5 and thus a seemingly endless number of reading apps. (Though I do want to try out the Samsung Galaxy S3... Again, she says, your current phone works just fine!) What else can I tell you about my technological adventures? Well, despite being very snug inside the technological generation, I didn't get my first phone until I got my second job, at seventeen, in a town with no pay phones - and it was a hand-me-down from my mother. I used to be technologically responsible!

When I'm not reading, working or studying, I'm either working out, socialising or playing World of Warcraft, in that order. I do Muay Thai whenever I can around my working roster, I'm basically a walking spokesperson for the Rushfit and P90X fitness programmes, and I'm currently doing the 100 Push Ups Challenge. If anybody here plays World of Warcraft, care to share Gamertags? I'm a level 22 Forsaken Shadow Priest - and my noobiness shows.

... Well. I certainly don't always waffle this much. It happens when I'm nervous! I'll see you all around.
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