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Metadata plugboard issue? with kindle

I've been experimenting with trying to incorporate the series/series index field in the title on the kindle.

I have created a custom column that correctly displays the title I want on the kindle using this formula:

{series:|| {series_index:0>2s} - }{title}

I created a metadata plugboard using the same formula:
Format = any format
Device = any device
template = {series:|| {series_index:0>2s} - }{title}
Dest Field = title

I then tried to send books to my kindle.

Calibrereported 400 books sent to Kindle, but only 309 actually appear on the device. These are correctly titled. The kindle is showing 1.5Gb free space.
If I try to send additional books

It looks like every time I try to send new books, only 1 book for each author gets sent, so if I send 3 books by the same author, only 1 ends up on the device, but if I send 3 books by different authors, they all get to the device.
So eventually I can get all my books transferred, but it's going to be painful.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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