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Thank you too. I'll try page settings.
Otherwise, so far I only have had to hit around a bit on those magnifying glasses and font sizes the first time now I open a document after the upgrade if it looks weird. From then on it's set the way I like it every time I open it.

With some documents I now open no tool bar appears. The few documents I checked where this was the case looked good, so it doesn't matter with them. But knowing how to get the tool bar back might be handy for some documents when you want to change font size in them for example.

1. Anyone knows how to do that? I didn't find the option so far.

With the original firmware I didn't have those "This book will be closed. Are you sure?" messages appear. But no biggie; it's only one push with the stylus to affirm my wish. Although that means I now must have that stylus at hand and use it for something I didn't need it for before. So the option to disable it would be nice.
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