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Thanks Harry, for letting me know... I'll be throwing away two Gen3's as well as the battery. Both screens are broken and not worth sending back to France to fix at $70 each. I did that once with my original Gen3 then after breaking that one, I purchased a 2nd one on ebay and broke that screen within a couple of months. Just a fluke... I'm normally very careful with these things and my first one lasted me 4.5-5 years.

So even though I loved the simplicity of the Gen3, I've moved on to my never-used husband's Nook. It's OK, but a little heavier than the Gen3 and my wrist gets tired holding it while reading in bed.

Just looked up my payment for that original Gen3 and I spent nearly $500 for the deluxe package. Holy Cow!!!! Look what we can get today for that


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