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Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
I am reasonably sure that if your post had been actually deleted you would have received a private message about why the deletion had occurred.
The fact that the post was cached by google implied my post was deleted to all but the mods. I've posted elsewhere. The software used here isn't that unique. The anti-spam feature in board software you describe automatically prevents any initial posts with hyperlinks from ever being displayed until they are reviewed. Mine was up. So I disagree your theory that software automatically placed my post into a holding pattern it after it was up for some time. In fact, I find it very disturbing that you would posit that a mod didn't put it there on purpose. Also, while in the "limbo" state you describe, from my perspective, the post was deleted, since no pm was made to me. That the person who deleted it *might* have intended for it to have been reposted later would be better, but I see no testimony here from any such mod, and it doesn't change the perception to all except the mods, which is most of the community here. Also, the notion that it was merely moved but not deleted and later restored violates the way the word "moved" is commonly used in the computer industry (in which a copy is first made in step 1, and then in step 2 the original is deleted, causing 2 versions to temporarily exist, not zero, as was the case for me.) Lastly, your apparent impressive boundless desire and persistent need to make it seem like this board is like god's gift to mankind or that my post was never effectively temporarily deleted is as at least suspicious as your need to, e.g., to largely deny the existence deleted posts (something this board's rules clearly state do exist), or to deny the various issues and imperfections of the free program, calibre. I mean, I didn't invent the verb, "Calibre-ized." The software is good, like this board, but, as you yourself admitted, it has issues, and like other things, including the efficiency of the pdf format, is not perfect.

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