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Originally Posted by Ripplinger View Post
I must be a very very bad person.
Hehe. It's almost gotten to the point where if you rip a page out of a book, you get a knock on the door from the publisher. And 1000 years ago books were somewhat illegal, so it could be worse.

I respectfully disagree. My stats page showed I had zero posts instead of one, like I had. Google had indexed the original page. So my post was in a deleted mode for some time. So, IMO, either you are wrong or the software running this board is not working correctly, and the # of posts you have showing is inaccurate. I'm sure. If you search another post of mine you might get more info, but this discussion is off limits according to rule 12, so we will have to leave it at that I guess.

Originally Posted by Ripplinger View Post
But I don't think I've ever seen a thread deleted here.
Umm, you know, if it's been deleted, uhh, you might not know it existed.

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