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Thank you all very much.

After installing the new firmware, I see that the books are now appearing alphabetically by title. And that there are other options for display of the list as well. Handy improvement. I leave it on book titles.

At first I had many of the PDFs appear all weird -just a few huge words and letters, and then the texts partially off-screen when I augmented the font size, right after installing this new firmware, but by hitting a few of the magnifying glasses and then font sizes the texts look perfect now.

The Kindle and other books look perfect as they did before.

So I wonder if I really need those pdf patches... it looks rather complicated and like a quite bit of work to get that together.

I have a few more questions:
1. What do those patches accomplish or correct?
2. Can I disable the "This book will be closed. Are you sure?" messages?
3. How do I set the clock to the right time?

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