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Originally Posted by Katsunami View Post
Finding the text on the internet just made the typing process "a bit" faster for me, but the risks are for the uploader of it.
Perhaps, but one could also argue that your ownership of your book has nothing to do with your illegal downloading of someone else's illegal upload of it. Similarly, just because you own a dvd doesn't mean you can download an mpeg of it off of the internet. Did you know it's illegal to play music in your car with your windows rolled down? Also, who is to say you didn't backup your hard drive? What if you sold your laptop on ebay and forgot to erase the hdd? Now how many copies of the book are there? What if the publisher lost a libel suit and was forced to destroy all known copies of the book? What if the book was revoked by the publisher, as has occurred on the kindle platform for certain titles? What if a hacker hacked into your computer and uploaded your ebook to the intertubes? Were you negligent in not having enough numerals in your pw? How do you know your hard disk isn't file-shared to your roommate(s)? Did you forget to disable simple file sharing? What if a backup was stored in the cloud, and employees of a large company had the ability to read the book? What if your mother is visiting and reading the hardcopy whilst you are reading the digital version? Now that translator, being out a sale, could be mighty p*ss*d.

Sadly, at the end of the day, it has mostly to do with which law firm you would have represent you than anything else, like the actual facts of a case, IMO.

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