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Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
4x Sony PRS-350 (yes, I love it that much I stocked up when the refurbs went on sale)
1x iRiver Story HD
2x iPod Touch 4th gen (iOS 4.3 + Stanza 3.1)
1x iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1 + Stanza 3.2)
1x iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.1 + iBooks; last resort, usually only because it's always with me when I'm out and about)

My brother will also be giving me his iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1 + Stanza 3.2) when he switches to whatever iPhone's released in 2013.

Got the iRiver when it was on clearance at Target but never really liked it. The PRS-350 is my favorite reader provided I have enough light available and I have the book I want to read already loaded on the device. Otherwise, it's one of the iDevices.
Wow, 4 Sony PRS 350!!! My beloved 350 died earlier this week. I was beside myself. I am a heavy reader and the 350 had been in heavy use since I got it when it first came out. I came here to look for possible fixes but nothing worked. So I went out bought a T2 which I am not impressed at all. Makes me miss my 350 even more. Today I hunted down a T1 so I am now a little happier. My husband thinks I am nuts that I don't want the latest and greatest. Then I saw you have 4 350! You can certainly understand how much I love my 350!
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