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Never mind, found that guide back in this thread. I've managed to follow the steps and my Reader indicated that the jailbreak was successful. However after looking at the .log file im not so sure.

"Starting /etc/rc.d/rcS
Image mmcblk2p9 not found
Image mmcblk2p10 not found
Image mmcblk2p1 not found
/initrd/mnt/sd/OS Firmware/files/new.mmcblk2p2.img: Checksum 77ea10509c4b013b82ed208885218d00 correct
Saving mmcblk2p2
dd: can't open '/initrd/mnt/sd/dumps/mmcblk2p2.img': No such file or directory
Flashing mmcblk2p2
10240+0 records in
10240+0 records out
Flashing mmcblk2p2 complete 0

Lots of "can't open"s and finishes with "complete 0", was it successful?

My device is a EU running SW , which is recommended?

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