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Originally Posted by Shai-Hulud View Post
FWIW I have two Kobo Touch's one running the old firmware and one that has the new (Glo) firmware. I have seen similar battery problems with both units running in airplane mode and with sleep set to 15 min and power-off set to 30 min. In my case when the problem occurs the Touch does not transition from sleep into full power-off as it should but instead stays in sleep mode and consumes a disproportionate amount of power in a short space of time (as if the processor was stuck running at 100% in the background).

I'm currently exploring whether the sleep/power-off interval is the cause in this thread: if you would care to contribute your times?
Wow, what a coincidence, I was reading a while ago that post.

And it makes ​​me think that this could be the solution, a combination of sleep and power-off settings. If so, I'll think that the firmware developed by Kobo is quite poor.

Do not you think that there are too many complaints about the battery life of the different Kobo readers?

My KT has gone within hours from 38%, to the black screen message that warns low battery. No use in that interval.

And on this subject, does anybody remember which were the default energy settings? I'm now recharging and I want to test it with those values. The seller told me that there's no problem about replacing the unit, so I will make the test that Kobo customer service adviced me.

Have good readings!
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