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I guess I do not *know* for certain, to answer your question.

In lieu of actual registration, I am using a "spoofed" registration info in order to use collections. However, if I even turn the Wi-Fi on, the registration info disappears/resets and I am no longer able to use collections.

I guess I'm hoping not to have to make the choice between collections and using the web browser on Wi-Fi. I understand why Amazon does not allow people to use the 3G without registering, but I'm just trying to use regular wi-fi for browsing.

*Edit* The unit connects just fine to the internet on Wi-Fi, that's not the problem. I'm able to browse, and connect via WiFi to my Calibre library, etc. It just resets my registration info, which would seem to indicate to me that somehow it is "contacting" Amazon's servers as soon as I turn the WiFi on. Maybe I'm using the wrong word with "Proxy."

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