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My Paperwhite arrived yesterday. It was shipped from China to Australia and arrived in under 3 business days after I ordered it (even though Amazon's web site had said that it would ship in 2-3 weeks).

I love it. The screen is great, it looks perfect to me and I love that it is lit at night. It is the best Kindle screen that I have had. I am coming from a K3 (keyboard). I also have an iPad and use the Kindle app on it. So, I find the touchscreen to be great. The only thing that I accidentally do at the moment is tap the middle of the screen to attempt to bring up the menu, instead of tapping at the top. This is because I do that in the iPad Kindle app. So, I am sometimes advancing a page rather than displaying the menu. It shouldn't take me long to adjust, I am not complaining.

When I ordered the PW, I also ordered the cover (in purple)....and it was listed as in stock, while the PW had 2-3 weeks wait before shipping. This put a hold on shipping for my entire order and now that the PW has shipped, the rest of the items have not been 'refreshed' and shipped, they still have the 2-3 week delay that the PW had placed on the order even though they are still listed as being in stock.
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