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For brevity, I left out another small snippet: "Will" told me that he thought linking Fortran and Javascript was a bad idea, and that in his opinion, it should all be done in Java.

Having had enough, I told him "You know I'm an electrical engineer?" to which he, the tier 1 support guy at Amazon retorted, "Yeah, and I have a computer engineering degree, but that's neither here nor there."

The whole exchange was some mix of comedy and tragedy, I'm not sure which.

On an unrelated note, somehow, the device bricked itself again this weekend when I switched from English to German. The rescue method was the same (cycle the USB and try and get into the menu). Kindle's going back under AmEx's "extended warranty" protection, since Amazon refuses to take it back. I'm just glad Apple allows me to wipe the rootfs when I decide to, new iPad mini is more and more tempting...
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